IYP Interfaces Carenado’s Dakota

It’s Your Plane (IYP) announces that its unique software now interfaces with Carenado’s excellent Piper Dakota aircraft, in FS9 (2004) and FSX. It’s Your Plane includes fully integrated checklists for the aircraft and gives simmers the added value of virtual co-pilots, Michelle or Mike, to assist you in flying this latest addition to our growing list of aircraft

It’s Your Plane is the most comprehensive and powerful voice control application for FS2004 and FSX! With either of your trusty co-pilots, you can now fly all of your favorite aircraft with only the sound of your voice. IYP is so powerful; you can even fly from gate-to-gate from outside the aircraft in the Spot View mode. Check out IYP’s Competitive Products Comparison Sheet and see how IYP compares to Voice Buddy and Cockpit Chatter. Actually, it doesn’t !

You can interact with Michelle or Mike via voice commands; they understand all regular (and even not-so-regular) aviation commands that you make. Not only that, they also execute all your requested actions, and even fly the plane entirely by themselves, while you sip on a Martini (say, “Get me a Martini, please” and see what happens)!
Read a review of IYP written by one of IYP’s most experienced pilots.

Carenado’s Piper Dakota was originally designed for FS2004, but with a patch provided free on their website, all aircraft can be upgraded for use in FSX!More information on the Piper Dakota can be found on the Carenado website

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