Sabena Video From JustPlanes


Yet another DVD (video) was by JustPlanes was released on simMarket. This time it is a movie about the operations of the Belgian operator Sabena. “……For nearly 80 years Sabena planes have been seen at airports all around the world. Just Planes was fortunate to have filmed a number of flights on Sabena aircraft from Brussels…..”. Available here from simMarket.

“…..This program starts with a training flight on the A340 at Liege Airport which includes touch and go’s and engine out maneuvers. We then follow the same crew on its maiden A340 flight to New York JFK.

Following that we continue on the A340-200 from Brussels to Tokyo Narita and back to Brussels.

The DVD ends with an A321 roundtrip to Dublin and A319 roundtrip to Helsinki……”.

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