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The Biritish publisher reminds their Facebook visitors that a 747 Classic is being developed. Their preview album collection shows an early project status with views of the exterior body and of the virtual cockpit with numerous remaining items or shapes to enhance.

Among the Russian destinations, Saint-Petersburg ULLI current scenery for P3D / FSX / FS9 / XP  – currently 50% OFF – is a must-have. Digital Design made it even better, with the upcoming new version 3 for P3D4 only. Their final preview looks stunning : numerous buildings in the surroundings, custom ground markings and apron textres, night lighting… Give me a break, I faint and come back later.

Particularly fan of GodZone since many years, the P3D/FSX project of NZCH Christchurch Intl looks like another exciting scenery for New Zealand according to me. The environment treatment, the airport textures and even the detailed vehicles … everything wets my appetite and there are still bits of work to do.

Author of two sceneries already available in the French Riviera area (Cannes and Vinon), LMT Simulation announce that the upcoming LFTZ Saint-Tropez la Môle is almost finished. This little airport receives daytime traffic of civilian and freight aircraft from regional and international destinations.

It’s confirmed, the release date of Nuremberg EDDN will be set on next Monday 16th. 29Palms Scenery Design and Captain7 listed the pack features of the German airport : ■ Highly realistic rendition of Nuremberg Airport based on most recent geodata ■ 55km² satellite imagery coverage with resolution up to 20cm/px including all seasons ■ Highly detailed buildings with internal modelling of the terminal and Hangar 3 ■ Many SODE features such as: □ Animated Jetways □ Automatic season switching □ Snow and rain layers □ Animated windsocks indicate wind speed and direction □ Open / Close FAI gate □…

The next project of LatinVFR will model the airport of the biggest city in Louisiane, USA : KMSY New Orleans with its new terminal to be opened in 2019. The scenery may be ready right before. It will be followed by a new version of SCEL Santiago Chile. Much earlier, this month we should see the release of KBWI Washington-Baltimore for P3D 32bit (v3/v1) and FSX.

Drzewiecki Design City X sceneries have met a large success not only with the last Seattle title, but also previously with Varsaw, Miami, Moscow and New York. Their collection will be expanded to Chicago next time. Another product in development is Polish Airports volume 3 v4, and they announce that “EPPO Poznań Ławica with Poznań city (+ EPKS Krzesiny lite)” are completed.

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