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The Twin-Otter DHC-6 is on the priority list of aircraft DLC development at Aerosoft for MSFS. And the other MSFS aircraft that Aerosoft will release before their advanced simulation of the A320, are the 900/1000 variants of the CRJ. It will complete the initial pack of 550/700 CRJ series already available here.

Unsurprisingly, the latest scenery of Paris Charles-De-Gaulle for P3D5 P3D4 has been very popular since its release at simMarket from Taxi2Gate. Many comments have since been raised from users asking for dynamic insights and more technical features, more dynamic animations. It seems that Taxi2Gate is already up to the task, for example preparing the integration of such dynamic lights at the poles around terminals and in front of remote parkings on the ramp.

FS2Crew announce the development of a new MSFS add-on, and it will be an airline crew simulation designed for the Fly By Wire A32NX, itself based on the default MSFS Airbus A320 Neo but much more improved, with more realism, MCDU pages, realistic features and this aircraft is freeware. That’s a really nice and very popular selection made by FS2Crew, to input Airbus stock pilot and copilot procedures, dialogs, checklists and crew interaction. The move into MSFS has been an opportunity to redesign their software, that will now tweak the panel config files anymore. It will use a standalone EXE…

The first announcement was in 2016, and the last preview of NZAA Auckland for P3D shows very good progress on the famous airport of New Zealand. From the buildings exterior to the airport objects and road network, the current work-in-progress screenshots from FlightBeam Studios look already attractive.

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