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Fenix team announced that they have come to the end of their Beta stage. And they talk about a promising A320 simulation for MSFS ! On this webpage, they detailed some of the features that they already implemented : Aircraft systems, covering electrical, hydraulics and fuelAnalog secondary instruments with complete sounds and their respective Complex fly-by-wireElectronic Flight BagDispatch loadsheet upon SimBrief flight planActual Refueling with ECAM advisoryIA Airline OPS office to send message about delays, diversions,Full passengers cabin3D Audio and full soundset up to the ground power unit, Y Elec pump On the to-do list, we can note that they…

FSHud Air Traffic Control is the advanced solution by Flight 1 to manage the AI traffic and advanced communications with ATC. It’s currently available for Prepar3D, and the publisher is now showing their progress of its development for MSFS. With FSHud ATC, the AI traffic is managed both on ground and in the air. It will work as a server based client for all your IFR flights. The communications use 5 voice sets until, and they will be expanded in the future. And they are also available through a dedicated window displayed – and that you can hide – into…

The last release by UK2000 Scenery was their first US scenery KSNA John Wayne for MSFS. They have shared a preview album to introduce their next project : KGYY Gary/Chicago Airport MSFS, in Indiana. On the various screenshots, you can already have a look at the detailed buildings, the variety of objects and vehicles, and the terrain / hard surfaces textures that make a promising scenery. iniBuilds group announced that their next MSFS scenery is another airport in the state of New York, at KBUF Buffalo Niagara. And they already have the trailer video online, so you can wait patiently until the release soon at simMarket.

Version 2 preview Onfinal Studio has a total of 7 sceneries available for MSFS in Norway, Croatia and Denmark. The first one was Esbjerg EKEB Airport MSFS in Denmark, and the group announced that work has started on a “version 2 that will include new and updated buildings, new extended apron, and more objects placed around the airport.” The release date of the PMDG 737 for MSFS has been set for next weekend ! You can already prepare for the install process, and check the multiple control and view options of the upcoming product as PMDG edited a series of videos. Enter the complete playlist at YouTube by clicking here.

The pictures and video to illustrate are dated from the last weeks, but we have fresh news from Aeroplane Heaven about their DC-3/C-47 project for MSFS. In their last post, they confirm the project is still under development, and the team is waiting for the flight model and the sounds to be produced externally. Stay tuned for the next information when available.

The MD-82 project announced with study-lvel systems for MSFS, Fly The Maddog X, has now a release date and a price. The team announced that they planned to make it available at simMarket only on April 30th. And they set the price at EUR 75 (+vat for European customers). In our previous posts, we mentioned the following videos recorded with older Beta versions of the aircraft, that may not reflect the final product. Preview flight video MSFS MSFS Features introduction Livestream replay

Experts in Asian sceneries, WF Scenery Studio reveals the incoming scenery version 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport ZBAA for P3D v4.5 and v5. The full preview album is visible at Facebook, without additional details on the upgrade pricing plan yet. Their current products of this airport are compatible with either P3D4 only, or FSX P3D, and were released in January 2018.

PMDG detailed in depth how they will roll out their 737 NG series products for MSFS. After the initial release, starting with the 737-700 NG, an Early Adopter period of about 24 weeks will cover the needs of updates “with new features, bug fixes, model and texture improvements, performance optimizations”. Then, PMDG will switch their products to the Continuous Maintenance phase, which consists of the necessary updates to maintain compatibility and stability with the simulator when needed. At this stage, the development team works on priority for new products, like the anticipated 777 for MSFS. This also means that before…

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