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The recent development updates (part 1 and part 2) from Just Flight about their 747 Classic give details about the cockpit features and systems that they are including. TCAS, INS with DME update, EPR limits, TFDi Design RealLight and TrueGlass visual effects.. so yes, the 747 Classic will come loaded !

Not easy to guess only with the picture, so Prealsoft specified that these shots are extracted from the current development of Tunis Carthage airport (DTTA) in Northern Africa. The second info, is that they “hope to make it compatible” with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator too, beside P3D5 ! Almost all their existing products are on sale 25% OFF until August 01st.

Microsoft and VATSIM announced their partnership to allow the multiplayer network to be ready on the first day when Flight Simulator is released. This is also the opportunity to introduce their new logo, read the full announcement here. And see another pic of the TBM virtual cockpit to ship with Flight Simulator (by default in all versions including Standard).

The train simmers who have been waiting for new high speed trains in the simulator of Dovetail Games powered by Unreal Engine will certainly enjoy Train Simulator World 2. Its release is planned on August 20th. One of the new route to be included is Köln-Aachen in Germany with the modern ICE 3. When you order TSW2, you will also get “London Underground” and “Sand Patch Grade” routes. Otherwise, existing users of Train Simulator World will upgrade for free to Train Simulator World 2, to benefit of the Scenario Editor for example, but without new rolling stock.

Two very different projects are being developed by Flight Replicas. The first one of them is the Messerschmitt Bf-109Z, the German fighter used by the Luftwaffe and it will include a very nice virtual cockpit according to the preview pictures posted via Facebook. The second one is the DH/HS.125 Dominie, a military jet aircraft that served for training. And maybe, they will also make the civilian variant with the 3D cabin.

Update : the latest update is online for both P3D v5 and v4. The awaited update for the FSL A320-X in P3D V5 has been sent to the Beta testers team, and they have been allowed to share screenshots. Here are the technical introduction of the main developers, with passengers windows remodelled with blinds animations according to the sun position and day time. And here is the forum post with Beta screenshots.

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