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Aeroplane Heaven is working on the P3D5 update for their DC-3 and C-47 aircraft packages. It will be better than a simple simulator patch. They will add for free the C-47C amphibious with floats, and “new textures and materials for full V5 support”.

For the first time, It’s possible to step in the virtual cockpit 3D of the Concorde project at Aeroplane Heaven. Their 3D model already includes the overhead, pedestal and the flight navigation officer panels, but without textures and gauges until now.

Specialist of Chinese airports, WF Scenery Studio is working on the project of VHHH Hong Kong for P3D. This is a major hub in Asia and it deserves high quality features. Interested simmers should not be disappointed as we can already see the custom apron textures, detailed terminal with PBR effects.

The retired airliner manufactured in France mainly in the 1960’s and early 1970’s by Sud Aviation has numerous fans, because it was the first jet ever on the short and medium haul flights in the commercial aviation. Aeroplane Heaven have news and screenshots of their Caravelle project for P3D V5 and V4.5. Note that’s another airplane developer who recommends to upgrade the graphics card to a 8 Gb RAM (like Fly The Maddog X in P3D5).

For the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, Honeycomb will sell beside an optional Throttle Pack for Airbus™ A319 – A380, to allow a more realistic feeling and thrust levers replica of the Airbus powered by 2 or 4 engines. Although there won’t be detents for the thrust modes, the reversers are functional (with detent), along the Auto Thrust disconnect, with flaps and speed brakes levers. Bravo Throttle Quadrant will be required of course. Both are planned for launch in September / October 2020, with pre-orders open 30 days before delivery. Bravo Throttle Quadrant : 249.99 US$ Throttle Pack for Airbus™ A319 –…

MK-Studios shared beautiful screenshots of their upcoming scenery for P3D5 : Helsinki EFHK in Finland. In order to depict the great landscapes with high accuracy, it will feature a high definition mesh at 1m resolution, satellite images and custom Autogen buildings according to the developers.

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