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For FSPassengers fans, the waiting of a new edition for P3D4 64bit may come to an end. Its main developer feeds his forum with development news to confirm he’s progressing on the hacks and memory access needed for the addon. Belly landing and tire explosion at landing are still some events that may happen.

With the experience gained in Airport Madness 3D, Big Fat Simulations plans now to lift Airport Madness to a much higher stage. In Airport Madness Pro, the airports and the traffic management will be much more realistic, according to many users requests : “+50 gates per airport, real world procedures”. Release aimed at summer 2019.

Seattle Airports X will be completed soon by the optional expansion featuring KSEA Seattle Tacoma. Drzewiecki Design is progressing pretty well and this is the first preview in the sim with textures on the buildings, ground polygon textures and airports objects. Initial release will be made for P3D FSX and then converted to X-Plane.

Skyline Simulations will not stick to X-Plane only, well MKJS Montego Bay will be the last X-Plane only scenery. They already announced earlier that their production line will then deliver detailed airports sceneries also compatible with P3D v4. KCVG Cincinatti (Kentucky) will be followed by KALO Waterloo Airport (Iowa) and then by KORD Chicago O’Hare.

Vidan Design is already known for the particularly well detailed textures used in their Danish airports. For Aalborg EKYT airport project, the ground polygon will feature high definition and realistic textures as you can see in this preview.

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