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Between RealLight and PBR, Aerosoft had to choose for the Airbus A330 because it was not possible to get both working fine together… so RealLight is dropped from the features list. At least, the pilots will have sun shades and an Electronic Flight Bag.

The long development of Ultimate Ground Crew X should come to its end very shortly. FS2Crew is only waiting for the green light of their Beta testers before the public release. For P3D v4 and FSX, UGCX will include pushback tugs, follow-me cars, firefighting trucks and animated marshallers for example. Pushback options will have advanced features with complex path (with saving and sharing options). Commands will be either voice controlled or in a multi-language menu, with different voice sets too.

Its last update was in 2017, to integrate P3D4 features like dynamic lights. LHSimulations is already developing a new version 2 of LHBP Liszt Ferenc Budapest, in Hungary. This time, expect major enhancements with many P3D4 native items and higher resolution textures. Their current products at simMarket are on sale 50% OFF.

With the development nearing completion, FS2Crew shares now more informations and screenshots of Ultimate Ground Crew X. For example, you can see how the marshallers will change of clothes depending on the season and temperature. FS2Crew for PMDG 777 in P3D4 is still on sale 25% OFF at simMarket until September 21st.

Maybe SCS Software is secretly developing a new graphics engine to replace Euro Truck Simulator 2. Beside their regular DLC development, I hope they are also preparing the long term future. Meanwhile, another official map expansion will appear for ETS 2 in Eastern Europe. If you are interested, the preview screens have been taken in Bulgaria.

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