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This week Leonardo SH should release the Service Pack 1 in Open Beta version for Fly The Maddog X, first for P3D4, quickly followed by the 32bit version for P3D3/FSX. Let me remind you what will be the content of this big update.

The forum of Flight Sim Jewels shows the upcoming upgrade being prepared for the French Polynesia “Society Islands”. The future HD textures are compared to the current version so you can see the increased details of the scenery.

It’s Just Flight internal designers who are developing this Beechcraft Duchess 76, following the success of PA-28R Arrow III and Hawk T1/A. Now you get the point where they want to set the quality target, pretty high with custom coded systems with accurate performance of the aircraft, combined with a very realistic and detailed 3D model of course.

Beside the new generation simulator of Train Sim World, Dovetail Games still maintain development and upgrades for their older series of Train Simulator. Train Simulator 2019 will inaugurate the 64bit optimization of its code, it will be again a free upgrade for existing customers of an older Train Simulator licence. Read this article to learn more about the content featured in Train Simulator 2019 if you purchase when released on October 11th.

Next weekend, PMDG may be able to release the awaited expansion 747-8i for Queen of the Skies II. The developers team will announce later the exact content, price and so on. Just like the base products, FSX and P3D licences will be sold separately.

The excellent looking DA62 of Diamond will become soon a flying model in P3D and FSX, thanks to Carenado. Out of his modern design, It’s particularly appreciated for its low fuel consumption and the comfortable interior space to the 7 seats including the pilots.

REX explains and shows in an interview video what is Environment Force about. Reed Stough shows how their app handles shaders in P3D to bring life and realtime changing elements in the simulator : clouds shaping or dissipating, light and shade updated live according to weather conditions, and much more.

Specialists of Mexican sceneries for P3D / FSX, Mex High Flight announce two major addons are in the works. One of them will cover full Mexico country with photoreal textures, custom mesh. And the second title will be MMMD Merida Intl, an important airport of Yucatan state, not too far from Cancun.

Definitely an original project from Aeroplane Heaven, look at their Globe Swift model they have just announced today ! Not a military aircraft from the past this time, it’s a two seat sport airplane developed in the 1940’s, to cruise around 120 kn over 1000 nm maximum.

Lisbon airport by MK-Studios is now being prepared and tested for release. The designers team will check and tweak the last items during the next days. Their last screenshots set shows many aspects of their upcoming scenery, and the features list is also public now.

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