Day: June 3, 2008

Some dislike new simFlight!

Sometimes one realizes that the time has come to not listen to just everyone and one should just do his thing! One recent example is

Global-Xplorer From Apollo Software

Andreas Störzer of Apollo Sofware writes us that “……with the advent of APOLLO Software’s brand new Global-Xplorer, you can now have a moving map that

AlphaSim Goes Civil

AlphaSim is shifting its attention from its usual military aircraft to ‘more civilized’ products and has now released its Cessna 170B in the ‘value range’.

White Waltham Airfield From JustFlight

Scott Philips of JustFlight reports that “……After the successful launch of our first FSX specific Airfield (Denham) comes the next in the series. This time

Review: RealAir’s ‘Spit’

Nick Churchill and Ian Pearson reviewed the RealAir Spitfire for FSX recently. Nick is renown for his wonderful screenshots and Ian is an avid simmer

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