AlphaSim Goes Civil

AlphaSim is shifting its attention from its usual military aircraft to ‘more civilized’ products and has now released its Cessna 170B in the ‘value range’. They write “…….This is the first model in the new AlphaSim FS2004 value range. Veteran FS modeller Chris Lampard has provided detailed exterior and interior models of this famous classic GA aircraft – there is even a detailed engine which is revealed when the cowl opens……”.

“……The total download size is only 2.5 MB, textures are crisp, but small and easy to edit. Default sounds and gauges are used and there is no 2D panel – although this is not really needed as the gauges in the v-c are crisp and easy to read. The usual keypresses bring up the radios and other useful items. Screenshots on our home page…..”.

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  1. Alphasim is not really “shifting” but rather “expanding” it’s attention to the civilian arena. In the works there are plenty of military subjects in various stages of development as well as a few helicopters and a couple more civilian subjects. Thus far only three non-military titles have been released with varying success so the jury remains out on a complete shift to civilian.

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