Free F-18 Liveries From Garry J. Smith

Garry J. Smith reports that “……I recently did some texture work for the Abacus Fighter Pilot 2 package. As usual I got a bit carried away with doing liveries for the suite, particularly the F18G. As the package intended to use only a few liveries for each aircraft I naturally had a bucket of “tinkers” left over. Therefore, I decided to share them with simmers for FREE Download from my site. Hit the Catalogue button – scroll down to Fighter Pilot 2 – click on goto aircraft and away you go.

As the batch for the F18G is the larger group of textures I have a pic to demonstrate what is available. There is also a couple of extra liveries for some of the other aircraft and some paint kits for the F16C and D.

Additionally I have retrospectively tweaked the Released Liveries for the F18G adding a titch more detail and some refinements here and there – including some extra detail in the wheel wells etc…….”.

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