AIround X now updated

STENIN - AIROUND X (V2.0)AIround X is one of this little gem utilities that one finds by browsing sites like (cough plug cough…) and that comes in very handy at times, this is what it does: “This utility enables forward, fly by, spot and top-down views of other players’ aircraft and AI-controlled airplanes, ground vehicles and boats.”

And today it was updated to version (i am not kidding!) adding these features to it: “In multiplayer sessions you can see (watch, observe) the airplane of every other virtual pilot in four different views: forward (VC -like), fly-by, spot and top-down.

A lot of new observed aircraft parameters are available: throttle, landing gear, control surfaces’ positions, com radio, speed characteristics, etc. With all this you can act either as a pilot or tower controller.”

Did I wake your interest? You can try it out free of charge by installing it free of charge, check it all out here: click.

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