Once upon a time in the Southern Land

Once upon a time in the Southern Land, there was a group of flightsimmers that thought to themselves that it was time to take that default mountain of medium textures on, so they set off using the VOZ 0.99 train After a couple of miles they found people screaming for them to stop the train so that they could get on, the carriages were getting fuller and fuller and the mountain steeper and steeper.
John the Conducter mumbled to himself and his crew ” I think we can, I think we can”. The crew answered “we know we can, we know we can”. VOZ 1.1 got passed, VOZ 1.2 and all the next stations got stopped at and more people got on the train.

Now at this present moment, we have just arrived at VOZ 1.7, which due to its elevated position, has a beautiful view over the new Hamilton Island and Townsville in the distance. People gasped as they had been waiting to see this! They all got on their laptops and surfed to to check out the sights and sounds of the latest station!
With kind regards,
Jay Kae
VOZ Administrator
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