Mad Dog 2006 Tutorials In Italian

Massimo Solimbergo of reports that “……I’m happy to finally announce the release of a new tutorial (in English and in Italian) for the Mad Dog 2006 add-on by Leonardo SH.

The MD80 McDonnell Douglas Training Guide is an easy to use and very friendly guide for all Students or Advanced Pilots seeking to learn more about the planning and the procedures governing flights with the advanced Douglas MD80 (Mad Dog) designed for FS2004 by Leonardo SH.

The guide has been designed to be easily followed by anyone. Student or Advanced Pilot. A new flow system was designed especially for the manual called the ETS or Easy Tutorial System. The ETS System was principally designed using an enhancing process which increases the intake of information while minimising confusion. The result is a fast and easy learning process that really does work.

There are 2 versions, both available from
a downloadable PDF file (NOT PRINTABLE)
a quality book with a clear conference cover and a hard back bound with Dakota Screws in brass.

Both Italian and English versions are available now!…..”.

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