Upgraded Classic Jetliner Files

Mark Cranston reports “……It’s June and the Jetliner Jockies at HJG have pleasure releasing another great selection of new and upgraded B707/720/C135, CV880, CV990, & DC8 files for FS9/FSX, featuring classic and recent airline/operator liveries from around the globe.

Released among HJG’s new Boeing textures for June are an unusual TAG Aviation livery from the early 1990’s, and the original 2001 scheme applied to celebrety John TRAVOLTA’s private aircraft. Both of these textures are for the rare B707-138B.

An equally rare British registered B707-320 from the late 1970’s and which was operated in a lesser known version of Malaysian Airline System livery. B707-320C’s from the late 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s featuring Air Gulf Falcon, Arab Air Cargo, Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, Malaysian Airline System, Millon Air, and Nocoia Aviation aircraft. A mega-rare B707-420 leased from a major British carrier during the mid 1970’s and operated in definitive Malaysian Airline System livery. As well as new USAF liveries for both KC135-E & -D aircraft, 1 of which features the dual 50TH/40TH anniversary hybrid scheme for an aircraft based at Kansas City during 1997.

HJG also have a June treat for CV880/990 affectionados: a brand new CV880-22 AIRLIFTER model, complete with a fully animated cargo door and fuselage full of virtual freight, and supported by extremly rare Inair Panama, Profit Express, and SERCA Costa Rica freighter liveries from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s era.

Douglas aircraft haven’t been overlooked either and represented this month are textures for an obscure DC8-33F which was very briefly operated by ARCA Colombia during 1981, and the early 1990’s TAMPA Colombia livery for a DC8-71F aircraft.

Upgraded HJG files for June include the rare/shortlived 1972 delivery scheme for Aerocondor Colombia’s very first B720-B. A further updated/improved B707 Panel Core Files package for all HJG B707/720/C135 TYPE panels. There are no changes to any of the downloadable panels though. And updated Aircraft Base Packs  -  further FDE improvements – for HJG CV880-22, CV880-22M, CV990 (early), and CV990-A aircraft. Please refer to explanatory notes on the HJG “NEW & ANNOUcEMENTS” forum page for complete information regarding each of these upgrades.

All this and a great deal more is available now for “FREE” download from the “HISTORIC JETLINERS GROUP” (HJG) website …”.

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