Orbx Releases FTX Freeware V1.2

Kae writes “…… Orbx is pleased to announce the availability of FTX FREEWARE Version 1.2 which includes 139 photoreal airfields and 26 photoreal scenery areas. Created over thirteen months by a team of over thirty developers and beta testers, these airfields are perfectly matched to the Orbx FTX ground terrain series and also usable as a stand-alone addon. There is no obligation to purchase any Orbx payware products to download and use these airfields and scenery – they are 100% freeware.

Orbx CEO John Venema said today; “I am thrilled at the level of involvement by developers from the FS community in this 1.2 release. We have created a learning environment for budding designers to contribute to our growing collection of airfields and scenery and by our estimates we expect there to be in excess of 1,000 airfields available as freeware by the end of 2009. This is truly FS community collaboration at its finest”

FTX Freeware Version 1.2 is now available for free download from….”.

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