Aviacoustic 2 On simMarket

The latest product to be put in the simMarket on-line shop is Aviacoustic 2 by Suwald. He writes “…….The name aviacoustic associates two terms: aviation and acoustic . It is a tool to design sound-effects for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 / 2002 / 2004 / FSX…….”. Available from simMarket here.

“…… With aviacoustic you can:
* Load existing FS-aircraft sound into the application and process it
* Design new sound-effects for existing FS-aircrafts
* Design new sound-effects for new aircrafts (Designed by yourself o by a third part).

The program writes a new or changes an existing sound configuration file: Sound.cfg (of course it makes a backup of the original). You don’t need to worry about the parameters of the configuration file. You will see only a simple graphical interface. …..”.

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