FSX Bundle Tropicalsim Updated

TropicalSim (Carlos Pereira and Leandro Machado) has released yet another update, this time to their FSX ‘bundle’ including some 13 airports, now also featuring the latest release: ARUBA – Reina Beatrix Intl’ Airport, completing the ABC Islands collection for FSX. The bundle is available from simMarket here.

Brazilian airports included:

Maceió Intl’ Airport     SBMO
Rio de Janeiro – Galeão Intl’ Airport     SBGL
Rio de Janeiro – Santos-Dumont Airport     SBRJ
Salvador Intl’ Airport     SBSV
São Paulo – Congonhas Airport     SBSP

Caribbean airports included:

Aruba Intl Airport     TNCA
Bonaire Intl’ Airport     TNCB
Cancún Intl Airport     MMUN
Canefield Airport     TDCF
Curaçao – Hato Intl’ Airport     TNCC
Melville Hall Airport     TDPD
Nassau Intl’ Airport     MYNN
Punta Cana Intl’ Airport     MDPC

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