Just Flight’s Mosquito Around The Corner

Just Flight is “…… very pleased to announce that its long-awaited Mosquito expansion will soon be taking to the simulated skies. Mosquito is fully licensed by the Royal Air Force and has been developed to the very highest standards by the vintage aircraft experts at Aeroplane Heaven as a lasting tribute to this amazing aircraft……”.

“…….. Mosquito will be available in download format w/c 30th June with the boxed version to follow soon afterwards. It will be available as a great value package for FSX and FS2004. Mosquito will include three classic Mosquito variants – the B. Mk IV, the FB. Mk VI and the frightening FB. Mk XVIII Tsetse with its underslung flak gun. In addition, owners of Mosquito will be able to expand it further with two keenly priced upgrade packs, available exclusively from the Just Flight website. Costing just £4.99 each, the upgrades will add a total of eight additional aircraft in twelve liveries to the Mosquito hangar. With all three packs installed you will have a total of 20 exciting Mosquito’s to fly!…..”.

“………. Built from wood and powered by two Rolls-Royce Merlins, the Mosquito was a formidable package with the speed of a fighter, the manoeuvrability of a racer and the payload of a bomber. Now flight simulation enthusiasts can experience the same blistering performance in this brilliant package for Flight Simulator X or 2004.

-    The high-quality models are accompanied by many unique animations and superb textures covering a range of aircraft along with the distinctive sound of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines.

-    The cockpits are equipped with the latest “smooth” gauges for more realism and just about every switch, button and control lever operates with the mouse — even the crew doors open with the lever! Everything is historically and technically authentic right down to the panel bolts and brackets.

-    The highly atmospheric and greatly detailed Virtual Cockpits (VC’s) are complimented by standard 2D panels and reflect the split and single screen models along with and without the weapon aiming gun sight.

-    In the bomber version, the ‘bomb-room’ is equipped with a working bombsight, bomb arming switches and bomb trigger. Even the emergency axe hangs on the fuselage wall!

-    The exterior models are finely detailed with correct movement for the flaps, radiator shutters, rudder and elevator trim tabs, bomb doors and more. The landing gear is highly detailed down to brake lines and hydraulic actuators.

-    Many novel effects are featured, including dropping of ordnance, smoke and firing guns.

-    Three different Mosquitoes — the B. MkIV, the FB. Mk VI (in two liveries) and every U-Boat’s nightmare — the FB. MkXVIII Tsetse……….”.

More info on the Just Flight website.

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