Day: June 29, 2008

DHC-3 Turbo Otter Launched

Henk Arents writes “…… Hot News from ! Today after months of hard labor is the launch of the DHC-3 Turbo Otter. Now fully

Avionics From Eaglesoft

Ron Hamilton of Eaglesoft reports that their new Avionics Expansion Pack is now available for purchase from their web site. “…..The pack includes a whole

More SSM2007 News

Exciting Simulations, the builders of the Space Shuttle Sim SSM2007, report they are “….. pleased to report that Space Shuttle Mission 2007 now supports the

Frecce Tricolori Sim

Must be in the air today…. another Italian message for you simmers! Angelo Moneta sent us links of his web site regarding the Italian Air

New Missions From Aero Files

Aero Files from Iceland has released two new mission packs for FSX on simMarket. Airline Pilot NL Bundle 1 and Airline Pilot GB Bundle 1

Italian Scenery Requests

Due to language ‘hurdles’ we had a somewhat cryptic news post from Marco at VoloVirtuale (that would be Virtual Flight in English). I ‘think’ they

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