Italian Scenery Requests

Due to language ‘hurdles’ we had a somewhat cryptic news post from Marco at VoloVirtuale (that would be Virtual Flight in English). I ‘think’ they are taking requests from Italian simmers for specific VFR ‘objects’ to be developed and placed by them in their freely downloadable scenery. If you want to know more AND understand Italian, then check out their website here.

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  1. Here is a translation hopefully less cryptic:
    VFR Objects Italia is a project aimed to provide to VFR sim-pilots the possibility to fly using visual reference like chimneys, antennas, lighthouses, aeolian generators and more. The development of this scenery is continuous and is also based on the cooperation of users by providing new references that are continuously added to the database.
    In the Base Package file are present about 1400 objects obtained by the “AIP Italia” and the library file with the definition of objects.
    The file UserUpdates contains the users suggested objects. This file is periodically updated by the staff to increase more and more the number of constructions in FS.

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