New Missions From Aero Files

Aero Files from Iceland has released two new mission packs for FSX on simMarket. Airline Pilot NL Bundle 1 and Airline Pilot GB Bundle 1 respectively. The 5 missions on each product have you fly as a commercial pilot flying for a charter pilot. Available on simMarket.

Excerpt from the product page ….

“…….. You are a commercial pilot flying for a new charter company.
As a new pilot, it would be nice to impress the company’s CEO and the rest of the crew. Your airplane is loaded with 45 passengers, and 7 crew members, including you and the co pilot.

Before flying this mission, you should be familiar with the operation of huge airplanes, and know how to set the autopilot, to best get you to your destination. The Airline Pilot series are long dinstance flights only.

Aircraft: Airbus A321 (FSX Default) (not included, available on FSX CD)

Make a safe takeoff
Land safe at the required destination’s

Airline Pilot Great Britain (Bundle 1) brings you in the seat of a British commercial airline company.
FSX is the first flight simulator which features high quality missions. The Airline Pilot series will greatly add to that fact. The sound effects for pilot with crew, and passanger voices, are of a high order….”.

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