X-Plane 9.20 Beta-2 Released

Austin Meyers, the author of X-plane, reports that he released a new Beta Version of his program; X-plane 9.20 Beta 2. More information can be obtained here. According to Austin the ‘new’ stuff consists mostly of ‘boring bug-fixes’ and he’s provided a list below.

  • slightly-improved manifold-pressure model, based on flight-test in 842x.
  • certain plugins that did illegal things and now crash the sim, um, don’t.
  • contrails properly lit at night.
  • real-weather working at all times… not just 10Z to 23Z
  • no more erroneous master cautions from turning on your de-ice systems
  • multiplayers can fly in diff time zones with accurate zulu-time consistency!
  • waypoint distance EFIS display working
  • fms shows name of selected fix
  • even fuel burn from both tanks in cessna 172
  • fms lets you enter the enroute alt
  • little red flag thingy comes up on the turn-coordinator when the power goes out
  • Linux build won’t crash on startup due to missing resources.
  • Benedikt’s x737 plugin won’t crash on startup.
  • Cloud puffs are not bright at night.
  • Linux won’t crash with complex forests (first attempt to fix this).
  • Ghost lines around glass EFIS at large resolution are fixed.
  • Sim works on case sensitive HFS file systems again.
  • several instruments were not drawn properly when scaled in plane-
  • maker.. should be ok now
  • EFIS ‘pie’ instruments show now
  • no more duplicate engine markings on the old-style panels
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