Bear Studios Releases MiG-17 For FSX And FS9

Steve Halpern of Flight 1 reports “…….Bear Studios has today released their MiG-17 product for Microsoft Flight Simulator (both FSX and FS9 versions). The MiG-17 by Bear Studios is an in-depth simulation of the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17. This is a highly featured package and it includes many design features taken from the real MiG-17…….”.

“……..Some of the core features of the product are:

– Highly detailed aircraft models with over 50,000 polygons in each model.
– Highly detailed, fully interactive virtual cockpits.
– Very detailed pilot model – 3 versions for a historical accurate look.
– Aircraft models include the mass production MiG-17 sub versions – 18 models covering different history stages and countries.
– 37 historical real skins.
– Russian 1950’s gauges with Working RP-2U/RP-5 Radar, SRD-1M Range Finder, Radar Gunfight Crosslink System (FS2004/FSX).
– Flight models for different MiG-17’s sub versions, accurate to MiG-17’s reference charts.
– Paint kit includes for easy to create MiG skins.
– VK-1F engine sound pack, high-G stress, pilot weakness sound effects, high-g vapor effects, and engine flame and exhaust effects, gun, smoke, Rocket/Missile fire effects.
– Gunfire, drop tanks/bombs, eject seats, and ground maintenance models.
– “Live” drop tanks and payload.
– System failure logic for gauges.
– Emgcy Power Source System and logic.
– Complete documentation.

And much more…

Bear Studios is releasing this product by download through Flight1 for $29.95. You can download and purchase the product here…..”.

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