Blushing Sheep Simulations Launched

David Baty is throwing sheep around ? “…… Blushing Sheep Simulation Software has been formed with the aim of providing high quality add-ons to the FS community. Formed by the team behind the ‘Dispatch Planner’ series of add-ons along with a couple of new faces, Blushing Sheep aims to continue the tradition of high quality software with second-to-none customer support……”.

“…… To celebrate the launch we are offering Dispatch Planner III at a much discounted price!

Currently in development is Dispatch Planner X. This fourth generation of the Dispatch Planner series will contain many new features and advanced options and is currently expected to be released later on this summer.

However, Blushing Sheep also have plans for other brand new projects, while of course continuing development on the Dispatch Planner series, so look out for more information and announcements soon!

Visit for more information….”.

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