German Airfields 9 Released

German Airfields #9 is now available from simMarket. This is another boxed product from Aerosoft. “….Take off in your small aircraft and explore the Northern Bavarian landscape. The 14 VFR airfields are highly detailed and located in a beautiful landscape. Fly and enjoy!

You can also approach one of the two regional airports (Hof/Plauen and Bayreuth) which offer instrument approaches in case the weather turns for the worst. The product created by the developers of the well known VFR Airfields series brings real life experience into your simulator…..”.


14 high detailed airfields:

* EDFC Aschaffenburg
* EDFW Wurzburg-Schenkenturm
* EDMS Straubing- Wallmuhle
* EDNC Beilngries
* EDNR Regensburg-Oberhub
* EDQC Coburg-Brandensteinsebene
* EDQE Burg Feuerstein
* EDQK Kulmbach
* EDQP Rosenthal Field Plössen
* EDQT Hassfurth
* EDQW Weiden
* EDQY Coburg-Steinrucken

Regional airports:

* EDQM Hof/Plauen
* EDQD Bayreuth

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