The Launch of Flight Sim Labs Ltd.

Lefteris Kalamaras writes “……..Athens, Greece, July 25th, 2008 – A new company has seen the light! Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. is founded by Lefteris Kalamaras of Athens, Greece, a renowned developer and designer in the Flight Simulator and games industry. For the past eight years Lefteris has worked for PMDG as Technical Director and Lead Developer, being instrumental to the success of their Boeing simulator range of products. Once his work on the FSX line had been completed, Lefteris decided it was time for a move forward in his career to open up more opportunities for flight simulator fans, so the founding of Flight Sim Labs was a logical next step…..”.

“…… The focus of Flight Sim Labs is on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator range of products, concentrating mainly on developing high-fidelity add-on aircraft (such as the Concorde), providing interfaces for (home) cockpits and related hardware and providing specialized programming and consulting services to other 3rd party developers.

One of the priorities FSLabs will continue to have is to support its customers who have also purchased PMDG products by bringing them new FSX interfaces for them, teaming up with 3rd party hardware suppliers such as FlyEngravity, CPMFlight, Aerosoft and others.

Lefteris has acquired support from a few key select partners right from the start. Each brings his own very special expertise and experience to the company, thereby assuring great, high quality products and successful interaction with Flight Sim Labs’ customers.

François A. Dumas has joined as the PR Officer and all-around customer focus person, assuring both press and customers will be kept up-to-date at all times of what is going on. François also helps shape the company’s website as well as providing customer support. François is a veteran in the Flightsim industry with more than 30 years of experience.

Andrew Wilson has joined the company (with some of his SSTSIM associates) and his Concorde X project, building a highly realistic Concorde simulation for Flight Simulator X. Andrew has made a stunning simulation of the Concorde for FS9 and is now set on doing the same for FSX.

Sven Goericke has also joined FSLabs as a developer, already having done some considerable work on gauges for our projects.

Margarita Fiotaki, FSLabs’ resident art and graphics designer, has brought her pens and brushes to draw spectacular color and life to the company’s products.

The team will grow more in the near future, ever promising to provide sophisticated products for its demanding customer base.

You can find more details at the Flight Sim Labs website here:…..”.

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