Piper Super Cub Released

FScene Design Network, the affiliate brand of FSAddon Publishing, has released the “…. very first model from Simon Smeiman, the Piper Super Cub. The model has been designed by Simon using FSDS, in FS9, and has later been adapted to fly in FSX (both default and SP2/Acceleration). It comes in 4 variations with wheels, tundra wheels, floats and retractable ski’s! And for the price of 3 liters of petrol you can’t go wrong on it!….”. Available from simMarket now.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    this tiny plane is NOT fully FSX / SP2 compatible, because it won´t work with DX10! Sad but true. 🙁

    But for anyone who´s using DX9 it´s a fine addon, but that´s not for me.



  2. Hi Boerries,

    I apologize but I need to correct you there. DX10 is a ‘demo mode’ and not regarded as a ‘must be included’ for ANY FSX product.

    Secondly, DX10 has NOTHING to do with SP2. It is included in the base FSX product, again, as a demo for the happy few.

    So if we state that our product is SP2 compatible, it IS.

    We have not mentioned DX10 Preview Mode anywhere, that is correct. Because we have not tested it on DX10 (we can’t even… we don’t have such expensive hardware yet 😉 ).
    We have also not claimed that the Piper is an ‘FSX Native’ product, for lack of a better expression. It is designed using FSDS as I understand it, in FS9 initially, and adapted for TWO versions of FSX, exactly as I write in the product information.

    I am sorry for the few people experimenting with DX10 already, they’ll just have to wait for better times 😉

    Kindest regards,

  3. Boerries, obviously I had not foreseen the ‘DX10’ issue…. wrong assumption on my part maybe (see also MY blog posts on the issue ).

    We’re apparently forced to add a lot more ‘text’ to each release these days, covering each and every exception and possibility…… I’ll do my best 😉


  4. Francois,

    sorry to hear about you mother (didn´t know before).

    I don´t want “to bash” you. As I wrote I was disappointed, but that´s my opinion, I didn´t mean it personally.

    My best wishes to you for the hard times comming.


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