Legendary C-130 Extra Pack

Captain Sim has released yet another pack with additional liveries for their FS2004 C-130 Hercules transporter. For Euro 19.99 you get 9 liveries, including a C-130H, a C-130H French, a C-130H-30 (stretched) and an L-100. You will need the Legendary C-130 Pro (Base Pack) installed already and the plane will NOT fly on Windows Vista ! Available from simMarket now.

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Ian P
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 16:09

9 models, each of which has a livery, actually. You might like to look at the product details before complaining too loudly… 😉

To quote the product description:

“C-130 Extra Pack Expansion for MS FS9

9 models in 9 liveries:

* C-130H
* C-130H French
* C-130H-30 (stretched)
* L-100
* C.Mk3 (stretched)
* C-130J-30 (stretched)
* C-130A (3 blades props)
* LC-130H (on skis)
* NC-130H (AEW&C)”

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 01:01

Crazy! 20 euro for 9 liveries!