AoA’s PMDG 747-400 Training Package

Chris Palmer of Angle of Attack Productions reports that he is “……. excited to announce the release of their Training Package for the PMDG 747-400. This DVD package comes with over 6 hours of footage packed on 3 Dual Layer DVD discs. This product is the result of 20 months of intense production. …..”.

“…… We are extremely excited to have just released our 747 training. We feel this is without a doubt the greatest flight simulation training on the market. Through the process of making this title for arguably the best airliner on the simulation market, we focused on making it even more comprehendible for all types of users; novice, intermediate, and advanced. Everyone will gain something from this awesome training package. Don’t take my word for it. Head over to our website and see for yourself what AoA offers the serious simmer!”

Throughout the process of making this DVD, AoA worked in close proximity with Precision Manuals Development Group (Known widely as PMDG) to get this product to market.

As stated, this training consists of over 6 hours of content. A wide range of systems and procedures are taught, as well as an in depth flight tutorial teaching you beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques for flying this amazing aircraft in a virtual experience.

Sections of particular note are the FMS section, totaling 1.5 hours and the Flight section, totaling 2.5 hours.
Known for teaching simulation pilots the ins-and-outs of how real airline pilots fly, this product based on the PMDG 747 is bound to send a shockwave through the simulation community. Visit for more information and to order. For more information on the PMDG 747, check out PMDG…….”.

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