BFG GeForce 8800GT And 9600GT

If you’re still on the fence for buying a new graphics card, then Hilbert Hagedoorn’s articles will surely interest you. Link them to knowledge and experience found in our forums and you should have a solid foundation for decision making! Hilbert writes “……. BFG is in the house with their latest weapons of mass gaming. They recently tweaked something in their product line-up and released the “OCX” series of products…..”.

“…….. Typically any manufacturer has it’s normal baseline product, then an OC (overclock) products and in the case of BFG, they added an “X”. Well X marks the spot, and OCX obviously is short for Overclocking eXtreme. So we picked up two of their OCX models and see what the difference is all about and have a look at their BFG 9600 GT OCX and GeForce 8800 GT OCX……”. Read his latest article here.

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