Control Panel From Italy

Fabio Merlo from Italy reports about his ‘Control Panle’ application for FSX and ESP. “…… This application is a control panel that permits real time configuration of Flight Sim Parameter (Environment, Weather, Failures etc etc). Flight Control Panel X is developed for FSX and also for Microsoft ESP. It is developed using .NET 3.5 SP1 WPF Technology and uses only Microsoft SimConnect API for the connection with Flight Sim Platform…..”.

“…… In a couple of week I will release a demo version that supports a few features:
– Launch and connect to FSX or Microsoft ESP
– Set real time failures
– Support of network configuration ( for example FlightControlPanel in Machine A and ESP or FSX in Machine B).
– Full Screen Support

The project is currently i Alpha stage. Customers of Flight Control Panel X will be end users or organization s that use Microsoft ESP.  I will explain all details about price for end user and licenses for Commercial Use as soon as the demo is released……”.

Fabio’s blog can be found here.

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