It’s Your Plane On A Network

It’s Your Plane, the already famous add-on that alows you to have an interactive co-pilot on almost any aircraft in FS9 and FSX, is now ‘going network’. Robert Cezar, its developer, writes “….. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to have a dedicated computer running your Simulator, and another computer running support applications……”.

“…….. However, two main reason come to mind with respect to the operation of It’s Your Plane:
1. You’re a really enthusiastic Virtual Pilot and you have built your own REAL COCKPIT. In this case, the operation of the simulator may not even have a Screen Display… rather, your “screen” to the world is a bunch of hardware!
2. The personal computer that operates your simulator is, at the best of times (how can I say this nicely?), sloowwww!  Thus, adding the overhead of It’s Your Plane (actually the Speech Recognition and Test-To-Speech engine), really slows things down.

The solution is found in version, where I have added support for Pete Dowson’s WideFS.

What You Need:
1. Pete Dowson’s WideFS – You can get it HERE.
2. Your Private Network Setup – You’ll find a great document HERE.

If you require any assistance setting things up, I suggest that you go to Pete Dowson’s Forum… you’ll find a lot of fellows there who are anxious to help……..”.

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