Classic Fighters From Flight1

Flight1 reports about their upcoming WW2 ‘double’: “……. Over the years there has been endless debate about whether the Supermarine Spitfire or Messerschmitt Bf109 was the superior fighting aircraft. Now, thanks to Flight1 you can try your hand at flying both and decide for yourself……”.
Coming from the pen of legendary aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell the Spitfire is one of the most recognisable aircraft of all time. The type has been brought to life for Flight Simulator X by award-winning developers RealAir and features 20 different models of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engined Mk IX and Griffon engined Mk XIV.
Both the classic elliptical wing models and later modified ‘clipped wing’ (which gave a quicker roll rate at low level) types are included and there is even a contra-rotating propeller version of the Mk XIV.
Also included in the package is an authentic rendition of RAF West Malling during World War Two, including a full suite of Artificial Intelligence Spitfires taxiing, taking off and landing. The scenery comes with period Blister Hangers, shelters, tower, runway and taxiways.
The Spitfire package also has many effects including an engine failure mode, belly landing effects, grass-trails from the undercarriage, stall buffet sound and visual effects and over-stress effects.

The iconic foe of the Allied air forces in World War Two, the Messerschmitt Bf109 was the staple fighter of the Luftwaffe. Designed by Willy Messerschmitt the 109 scored more air-to-air victories in the conflict than any other type and was produced in greater quantities than any other fighter aircraft in history, with over 31,000 built.
It may not have been able to out-turn the Spitfire but it could outperform it in the climbs and dives of combat. So much so that the Bf109 was flown by the three highest scoring fighter aces of the war.
Modelled for Flight Simulator X by Flight Replicas this superb package brings together F, G and K types of the 109 in a vast array of model variants. But each shares the same thing, a meticulous attention to detail: the start-up sounds are totally authentic, the pilot is accurately clothed and even prop blades alter their angle according to prop settings.
Match this with incredible 3D modelling, including the gauges in the virtual cockpit and a flight model authenticated by modern-day warbird pilots and you have a classic you will want to fly again and again!
The challenging ground handling characteristics are accurately modelled and, like the real thing the Bf109 requires real skill to taxi, take-off and land (reportedly as many 109s were lost to accidents as were shot down!)  The aircraft even handles differently in the air when the drop tanks are released.
Aircraft feature working Fletter tabs on ailerons and rudder, functioning coolant flaps and even propeller blades that alter their angle with prop settings.

Thanks to Flight1 desktop pilots can now sample these two legendary fighters and evaluate the often notorious handling quirks for themselves. Both simulators are now available from and make an ideal Christmas gift…..”.

More info on the Flight1 web site here.

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