SimGiants’ Tenerife North Released

SimGiants reports the release of their Tenerife North airport scenery. “….. Tenerife is probably one of the last European paradise isles. Located between Gran Canaria and La Gomera about 300 kilometers from the coast of North Africa, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Like the rest of the Canary Islands, it is of volcanic origin….”.

Available from simMarket now.

Features of Tenerife North (GCXO) FS2004

  • Based on commercially available satellite image
  • High resolution ground and objects textures
  • Highly detailed scenery of the airport and its near surroundings
  • High resolution mesh terrain
  • All navigation systems
  • Astounding night-time effects
  • Full night textures
  • Numerous static and dynamic objects
  • Very high framerates
  • Realistic runway and taxiway lighting
  • Numerous scenery effects
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