Take The Subway

In New York. Virtual, mind you, in the new Aerosoft title World of Subways Vol 1. Can you tell some people have too much time on their hands? But alright, there are aviation sim enthusiasts, people simulating car racing, old steam locomotives even, so why not build a simulation of New York’s subway…. and why not spend your time virtually traveling to your virtual job in virtual New York? So for a measly 29.95 Euros you can now ! Here on simMarket!

“…… This brand new developed Railway Simulator introduces the worlds first ever subway line going from New York beneath the Hudson-River to Newark. The original route is almost equally split in underground and above ground sections. Coming with excellent graphics this simulator also puts a lot of emphasis on original physics of the train and wagons.

The label “World of Subways” will feature some of the most interesting Subway Routes of the world for the PC. Vol.1 kicks off with the oldest underground route, the route between New Jersey and New York City known as the PATH Route. Further planned products are the BerlinSubway, London Underground and the Paris Metro. Add-ons, such as new trains route extensions or new activities will also be available in future.

Route map:

The New York Path Route, approx 50 kilometers long, connects the states of New Jersey and New York . More than 40 % of the route is above ground. More of its history can be found here…”.

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