Yet Another Sim Giants Island

This time it is Fuerteventura, yet another of the canary Islands. “….. The semi-desert Island of Fuerteventura lies just less than 100km off the coast of Africa (near the border of Morocco and Western Sahara). Fuerteventura is the longest Island in the archipelago at 98km north to south and the second-largest Canary Island after Tenerife……”.

“……. The unforgiving barren and arid interior of the island shares much with its African neighbors of Morocco and the Western Sahara including sparse rainfall, rocky-desert landscapes. Fuerteventura is perhaps most famous for its beaches, with over 50km of stunning white and golden sand.

See Fuerteventura airport as never before in FS2004. The airport and its surroundings are highly accurate and based on satellite imagery……”.

Available from simMarket of course.

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