Screenshot Competition Results

Turning finals on 2b2
Turning finals on 2b2

What a hard time was had judging the September screenshot competition entries! From the spread of poll votes, one would guess that even the forum members had difficulty choosing their favourites. But in the end thare can only be three winners. You can see the highest scoring entry here and if you click on “Read full story” you can see all the winners.

Well done to Socalpilot, grunau and victoralphacharlie!

With eighteen highly competitive entries to judge, there was a lot of hard work judging the competition! First let’s take a look at the winners:

Socalpilot’s entry has him turning finals on to runway 10 at Plum Island. The way he caught the early morning sun as he flies in for a breakfast of burger and fries convinced many forum members to vote in the public poll and certainly gathered quite a few points on the judges’ score sheets.

Member ‘grunau’ made a dusk approach into LOWS and landed in Salzburg and in second place in the final scoring. A dramatic angle and great feel there!

Forum member ‘victoralphacharlie’ decided to prove he was not superstitious and chose runway 13 for his landing in Kai Tak and on the prizewinners’ podium. Although a “traditional” pose that has often been seen in the past, this entry shows that even ‘classic situations’ will win prizes!

It’s a pity we couldn’t give out more prizes because all the entries had some very special attractions. One very poignant and mellow entry showed Concorde landing on a foggy day. That particular entry had a certain “sad touch” about it for many Concorde lovers.

Other entries sparkled with the verve of their landings which ranged from a gut-curdling, side sliding, steep approach in a tundra-wheeled Cub to a helicopter approach on a carrier in the pouring rain. Well done to all entrants and congratulations to the winners!

We look forward to an equally challenging October competition. If you would like to learn more about the screenshot competition, click here

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