Skysim releases Bunker Hill AFB

The scenery SDB design team at Skysim reports they have released their “……. latest military airbase, Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana, USA, for FS2004 and FSX. Although now known as Grissom ARB (in honor of the astronaut Gus Grissom, who perished in the Apollo 1 launch pad fire), this scenery is set during the height of the Cold War around 1959. At that time Bunker Hill AFB was home to the mighty Convair B-58 of the 305th Bomb Wing, Strategic Air Command……”.“…….. As you would expect, these incredible supersonic bombers are a major feature of this scenery and perform regular AI operations 24/7, along with their attendant KC-135 tankers. As well as these fascinating AI operations, Bunker Hill is provided with many custom made buildings and ancillary ground vehicles giving the scenery owners a real taste of SAC operations from almost half a century ago.

As with our previous sceneries, the team has struck a good balance between detailing and performance, giving you an accurate rendition of the airbase, without punishing average PC systems. This scenery is available in a single download, with both FSX and FS2004 versions included in the package; a perfect solution for FS2004 users who intend to upgrade to FSX in the future……”.

For more information can be found on their shop, here.

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