FSDreamTeam Releases XPOI

Umberto Colapicchioni of FSDreamTeam writes us that he “…… is pleased to announce the release of a new utility for FSX, that will change your VFR flights forever! XPOI, Points of Interest for FSX, is a geographical information tool that displays Points of Interest around the airplane, using styled 3D graphical icons. The product uses an always updated online database with more than 8 million of POIs and it adds Wikipedia support as well, to give you in depth informations of places around your location, in multiple languages….”.

“….. Other useful features are a search engine integrated in FSX, a full-screen compatible mini-browser to read Wikipedia articles while flying, easy to use menus to access the data without having to stop the flight, autopilot integration and Warp-to-a-point.
With its World-wide coverage, XPOI will give you a new perspective on VFR flying on FSX. Flying over unknown areas, you will never get lost again with XPOI!

The product is available in Trial version, and can be freely downloaded from FsDreamTeam website here….”.

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