Paderborn – German FS Event 2008

Finally I am back home after three weeks preparing for and traveling to the various flight simulator events here in northern Europe. Nina and I attended both the Aerosoft show in Paderborn and the FS Weekend at Lelystad, Netherlands. Paderborn was nice, especially the drive in the country side on a nice and sunny Saturday afternoon! And we attended the Captain’s Dinner where I somewhat unexpectedly handed out the simFlight Awards 2008. Here are some pictures…….

Robert Randazzo of PMDG preparing for his MD-11 presentation

Marcel Felde, leading author of the Digital Aviation Dornier Do-27 in ‘his’ Dornier

Together in ‘a bit of Dornier’……

Yet another way to ‘get movement’ added to the sim.

Bert Grohner of FSMagazin handing out free copies

The corridor, a place to meet, drink and long for a (now forbidden) smoke….

The dining room in the ‘Old Potatohouse’ (name of the restaurant liberally translated from German). The food was good and the company excellent !

Could you PLEASE get that furry animal out of my FACE !!??

Miguel Blaufuks and yours truly handing out the awards.
Due to some mishaps in transport many of the glass frames were shattered unfortunately.

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft is wondering how to get the pieces back together again……

Fortunately flightsimmers are good humored chaps, so we all had a good laugh about the broken glass.
Here Thoma Molitor receiving his award.

Mrs. Navman and Claudia Grohner of FSMagazin.
Even the ladies had a good time !!

Hoping to attend again next year and thanks to Winfried Diekmann and his entire Team !

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