Eszett Solutions’ Flight Data Recorder

Eszett Solutions have released the Flight Data Recorder for FSX/SP2 “……FDR is a great tool (though small in size) for Flight Simulator X to record your flights and play them back in various form. FDR especially is a great alternative to the “video” and “instant replay” functions of Flight Simulator. Not only can you record and play back the flight with your user aircraft, you can also freely move through the recording time line, set markers (and save them), view the flight from 3rd person view and even show the complete flight path in one big frozen image……”. Available from the simMarket shop now.

“……. The possibilities of FDR are unlimited: Monitor your flying, take a close look especially at critical phases like takeoff and landings, practice aerobatic manoeuvres and share the recording log with your friends or a judge.
Take screenshots of the flight path from your most successful aerobatic figure or tough weather landing, print them out and collect them in a “hall of fame” of best manoeuvres ever.
Improve your flying skills or simply have fun — FDR will help you to track and record your flights.
System requirements
°    Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 or Acceleration Expansion Pack installed
°    Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista with the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed
°    10 MB of Hard Disk Space
°    For the Tutorial Flight: FSX default S300 and C172 installed.
°    For displaying the manual: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Demo Mode vs. registered mode
For unlimited functionality FDR requires a registration key. Without license key entered, FDR is going to run in Demo mode which has the restriction that recordings will stop after 1 minute……”.

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