Carenado’s Cessna 152 For FS9

Good news from Carenado for FS9 customers. Fernando Herrera reports that “…… after receiving many emails from customers asking us to make the C152 II compatible with FS2004, we ultimately decided to go ahead and make that product compatible with FS2004…..”.

“….. The product will be ready in the next weeks and will be as a separate package, meaning no upgrades or patches.  We are working in order to have it ASAP; this decision also involves our C172 which will be ready early 2009…..”.

The FSX Version of the Cessna 152 can be found on simMarket of course.

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  1. very clear. The yoke doesn’t move in cockpit view. It does in virtual. So I close the window to see a few gauges.

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