SmartFlight Freeware Tool

Someone from SmartFlight reports “….. SmartFlight, the professional freeware, is finally released. In the program The Route Assistant:  get a route between two airports and advanced information you may need to prepare your flight. Routes are updated regulary. The Airport Information tool: enter an airport and view detailed information about it. Airport information is updated regulary. The Flight Logger: enter advanced information about your flight in a kind of “flight diary”. The tool can be downloaded here…..”.

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  1. Smartflight is a good tool for all flight simulation users. I would like more routes, but i´m sure that the different powerpacks (which the smartflight crew have announced) contains a lot of candy.

    Can´t wait for powerpack frankfurt =D

  2. I have heard that PowerPack Frankfurt is postponed until further notice. According to what I have heard, the authors is working with SmartFlight Dispatch, a complete new tool.
    I have just sent an e-mail to the crew with my support to them. If everyone does it we will probably have a happy author soon =D

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