Ship Simulator 2008 English/Dutch Collector’s Edition

“….. This English Collector’s Edition is a limited edition single DVD box including the Ship Simulator 2008 and New Horizons. Ship Simulator 2008 Collector’s Edition includes both, the much appreciated Ship Simulator 2008 game and the official Ship Simulator 2008 Add-On: New Horizons, which features exciting Online and LAN multiplayer gameplay…..”.
“…….. The Collector’s Edition is packed with unique, never-before-seen bonus material such as a 70+ page Captain’s Journal of references and the ‘Making of Ship Simulator’ video, which gives players the opportunity to sneak a peek behind the scenes at the creation of the Ship Simulator game series.

This comprehensive box set is a complete package not to be missed by any simulation fan! Some Exclusive content: ‘Making of Ship Simulator’ video and a Printed Captain’s Journal !…”.

Get it from simMarket in either English or Dutch !

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