Cool Your PC For Your Flight Simulator

Modern-day PC’s AND FSX (graphics!) take a lot of power and produce a lot of heat. So Guru3d takes a “….. quick peek at a new CPU cooler from Arctic Cooling. The unit submitted is the Artic Cooling Freezer Xtreme, which can cool the latest AMD and Intel processors…..”.

“….. Something changed on the design though, as they did something pretty radical. They shaped this four heatpipe based product in an “U” form and then placed the ventilator right smack down in the middle. It’s but interesting none-the-less. The new Freezer Xtreme will feature an unique twin tower design and it will be able to achieve a good 160W of cooling capacity. We’ll take a Core 2 Quad 9770 Extreme processor, overclock it .. and observe  how well the cooler behaves……”.

Check out the full review here.

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