2 Airfield Patches From FScene (FSX)

Ruud Faber of FScene reports “……. Promising more “as real as it gets” joy for your flights during the Holiday Season. On approach many airfields in FSX really disturb the feeling of realism becasue of the ‘sandy appearance’ of the areas around the runways. In some cases even the runways themselves look like strips of beach that are totally out of place…..”.“…… So, listening to the request of an enthuastic fan in the forum, Ruud Faber – designer of the FScene ground textures – set himself to adapt the colors of all related ground textures to the FScene palet.

As a result you can download 2 free patches at my website. One for the runways and one for the airfield grounds. They actually increase the challenge of navigating to (and spotting) the airfields. Just as in real life…..”.

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