FSDreamTeam Updates XPOI

Umberto Colapicchioni of VIRTUALI s.a.s. reports that “… the XPOI Geographical Tool or FSX has been updated to version 1.5 “IFR  Extension”, which is a significant update, since adds visualization of  VOR/NDB/ILS/Intersections and Airports as POIs. As for the other  visible features, the view can be finely tuned to display only certain  informations (like Intersections only, useful to practice Approaches  or SID/Stars) and controlled by customizable in-flight hotkeys. More information here…..”.
In addition to the update he also reports that “…. FSDreamTeam is having a sale for this weekend only, with 30% off on  all their products. The sale lasts only until December 1st, so if you  are missing some FSDT products, this might be the right time. To learn how to get the discount here….”.

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