Blub…. blubblub…. blub

Yes, a review of a liquid cooling system. What else did you expect !!?? Guru3D got bored with their graphics card reviews and instead of looking at the umpteenth Radeon or GeForce card they now tackled a Coolermaster Aquagate MAX. That probably means a ‘lot of water’! With a 400 l/hr water pump I can nicely  fill my garden pond.

“……. This system is designed to be used inside your computer case for a completely self-contained system. If you are looking for a liquid cooling system to use for your performance computer the Cooler Master Aquagate Max may be just what you need. Dual 1200mm radiator, excellent looking reservoir and 400 liter/h pump, nice thick tubing and a very glossy water-block. A very interesting fact is .. it’s not that expensive.
So we’ll take an overall already hot Core 2 Quad QX9770, overclock it to 4000 MHz .. and see where we end up temperature-wise. You can check out the review here…..”.

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