10 Years IVAO

ivao-anniversarylogorevisedVybhava Srinivasan, IVAO’s Public Relations Director, writes us that “…… We are now on the verge of a historic milestone. IVAO is about to complete ten glorious years on December 16, 2008. The network has witnessed an awesome growth. A growth from a network of just 2 servers to about 16 servers now, a growth from a few divisions to about 61 divisions around the world, a growth from a few members to over 100,000 members around the world…..”. “…… This period has also witnessed the release of our amazing in-house software for Pilots and Controller, a realistic weather server and much more.

IVAO has some amazing tours, breathtaking events, with traffic you can only expect to see in the real world (not to mention we hold the record for maximum simultaneous connections). IVAO’s training has blossomed over the years with skill testing exams and also tons and tons of knowledge delivered by our academy. The creation of IVAO NPO, which has made our network and structure more accountable.

IVAO’s experience over the past 10 years has set us up on a launching pad to achieve the unimaginable and to make ourselves an even more distinguished online flight simulation community.

IVAO celebrates its achievement -  “10 years of IVAO”

To commemorate this achievement, IVAO 10 Year Celebration Event is organized between December 16, 2008 – December 21, 2008,  almost an entire week of crowded skies, with events spanning the world and unimaginable traffic, this event promises to bridge the difference between real and virtual world, for more information. Also, view the IVAO 10 Year Celebration Video. Come on and  be a part of the celebration…..”.

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