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snodgrass-prizeRichard Rudd of Skyblue Radio reports “…… A new challenge for flight sim enthusiasts is here right now. Flight Simmers now have a chance to put their virtual piloting skills to the test and be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes, the likes of which have never been seen in the flight simulation community before…..”. “…… The Topgun challenge is the brain child of Captain Dale ‘Snort’ Snodgrass (US Navy Retired) and his team, introducing the flight simmer to the world of the US Navy pilot in the Boeing F18/A Hornet.

Once you have registered you will be given a series of free missions, (free tokens if you will) so you can enjoy the entire suite of offerings provided by the site.

Our competitive mission play is completely authentic right down to the LSO calls on final, LSO briefings, and LSO grades posted on your Greenie Board. Every time you fly a mission you get graded and those grades rank you against your peers at the national and international level.

You’ll also enjoy special tournament play where winners will receive prizes such as the limited production Swiss made Debaufre Wings of Gold Pilot watch, High Performance PCs for Flight Sim from Jetline Systems, as well as other great prizes culminating in the grand prize, a supersonic ride in a military class F-5 with ‘Snort’ as your pilot.

Visit and be in with a chance to win BIG!….”.

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