geforce295Guru3D provides us with a look to yet another new graphics card (this is getting worse than software updates !!), naemly the GeForce GTX 295. “….. The all new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 has been tested. Today is the day that we can lift up a a big chunk of the mystery that you guys have heard about in the rumor channel for a while now. It’s the GeForce GTX 295…..”.“….. As usual, the rumors where pretty accurate. The GeForce GTX 295 will be an all new dual-gpu graphics card from NVIDIA based on the 55nm GeForce GTX 200 derivatives. Guru3D ‘s preview includes a good look at the product and we’ve tested the GeForce GTX 295 with the hottest game. Check out the full 14 page preview at this link….”.

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