Subways Expanded: WOS Vol1 Expansion Pack

3219_expansionpack_8If you are a New Yorker or are a fan of the Big Apple and enjoy coaching it’s inhabitants in a typical manner,  this is for you… , no, not those coach rides in Central Park, you tourist!  World of Subways Vol1 – Expansion Pack is now available. It’s an Add-on for the popular (yes, we know many of you like it, we do to!) World of Subways Vol1 that simulates New Yorks underground train system:. 

The addon provides a new Mission Module and new scenerarios: “With a completely new Mission Module and five new missions you´ll be working on orders outside the normal shift duties. Take workmen to their site on time, prove your skills by driving a train with a defective brake or take your train for a wash before the shift begins.

In addion this package also install new scenarios including railworks on the tracks, traffic accidents on the road and close to the tracks. These additional sceneries can be turned off or on to your liking.”

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