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websitessm2007patch2The “Space Shuttle Mission 2007â„¢ Surprise Mission released for Christmas”

The team from Space Shuttle 2007 have broken with tradition a little this year and have released a fictional mission… Well, not so much fictional as everyone hopes will never happen.

In addition to a number of improvements and fixes (including new clouds and enhanced EVA), the latest update includes the STS-401 mission.

“To be carried out by Discovery during May, 2009, STS-401 is the planned rescue mission for STS-125, in case Atlantis is stranded on orbit. STS-125 is a Hubble maintenance mission and it will be also the last non-ISS Shuttle mission. Due to the difference in orbits between the ISS and STS-125, there will be no way for Atlantis to rendezvous with the ISS in case of emergency, therefore rescue missions have been worked out by NASA to insure a safe return of the STS-125 crew to Earth.”

For more details and to download the latest Service/Mission Pack, visit SSM2007.

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