Samoshin’s Winter Textures

Alexey Samoshin’s Natural World FS Winter adds to FS9 and FSX new winter textures, “….. which allows to make “virtual” winter significantly more realistic. This package includes settings to provide you with new winter features such as the frozen lakes and rivers, snowy roofs etc. Seas and oceans can be frozen near the coastline as well. Your winter in FS becomes more and more realistic!…..”. Available here at simMarket.


“……. Note!
This product has some restrictions due to MSFS own technology. NW Winter is designed for local flights over iced and snowed terrain during winter season. It is recommended to restore initial textures when you going to fly at other seasons or in “non-winter” territories.
Textures just make the water “look-like” iced. It is not true, that you can land on such ice!
For proper work with these textures you should turn off “waves” in your Simulator water settings (set water details as low). It can be done automatically when product installs……”.

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